Pitches Be Crazy   Division: B
Abbotsford Mixed Slo-Pitch Team Roster   Spring2020
First Name Last Name Gender Status
Katie Brien F Confirmed
Sammie Cummings F Confirmed
Alicia Goertzen F Confirmed
Olivia Jackson F Confirmed
Genny Loewen F Confirmed
Penny Mills F Confirmed
Corice Peters F Confirmed
Maryna Wilms F Confirmed
Denis Bigras M Confirmed
Rob Cummings M Confirmed
Dan Cummings M Confirmed
Ben Cummings M Confirmed
Greg Goertzen M Confirmed
Mike Hermanson M Confirmed
Russ Klassen M Confirmed
Trevor Loewen M Confirmed
Scott Smith M Confirmed
Kyle Smith M Confirmed
Kevin Smith M Confirmed
Harold Wiens M Confirmed
shows only CONFIRMED players | total players: 20
** players added after the close date for online rosters