The Bears   Division: D
Abbotsford Mixed Slo-Pitch Team Roster   spring 2022
First Name Last Name Gender Status
Corrie Allen F Confirmed
Jenn Andrews F Confirmed
Brandy Horpstead F Confirmed
Shelly Matus F Confirmed
Regan McGovern F Confirmed
Amy McGovern F Confirmed
Samantha Ponak F Confirmed
Warren Andrews M Confirmed
Bill Austin M Confirmed
Aaron Learmonth M Confirmed
Darryl Mann M Confirmed
Matt Mayers M Confirmed
Steve McGovern M Confirmed
Ryan McGovern M Confirmed
Jeff Ponak M Confirmed
Kenny Robinson M Confirmed
Trevor Stewart M Confirmed
Joe Williams M Confirmed
shows only CONFIRMED players | total players: 18
** players added after the close date for online rosters